The Dedication Project

The Dedication Project is a collection of crowd-authored books which contents are primarily dedications collected from a specific community who dedicate the book to someone of influence or importance to their personal lives. Once their volume is published, each author receives a copy of their book to give to dedication recipient. This Project as a whole blurs the lines between art and the everyday, specifically by reviving gratitude in cultural language in the twenty-first century. 

Dedication: Volume 1 Family 
Arianna reached out to over 100 family members all over the country inviting them to collaborate on the first volume of the Dedication Series. 

"I am excited to learn more about my family through this project and who has be been influential in family member’s lives. Once I’ve collected all the dedications, I will compile them, publish, and print the book. All the authors will receive a for you to give whoever you dedicate your submission to. If they are no longer with us, then hopefully you will be able to find one of their family members or close family friend to give it to." -From the letter Arianna sent to all her family members.

Dedication: Volume 2 Assembly
Over the course of an evening sleeping over at the Portland Art Museum (6/7/14), Assembly participants were invited to engage with The Dedication Project which will continue to exist outside the weekend event. As the second volume of the Project, this community was generated by experience driven by strangers interest in art and social practice. This experience --though for a short time-- has brought together people from various locations, ages, and lifestyles to experience this event and form the second community The Dedication Project would interact with. 

"Assembly is a participatory art and social practice gathering that unfolds over the course of a weekend. Participants of Assembly take an active role in shaping the collective experience by contributing to dialogue, group projects, and publications."

Dedication: Volume 3 Project Space
Dedication: Volume 3 Project Space 600 Mission St. SE, Salem, OR 97302 investigates social engagement, participation, community building, and conversation through a number of platforms. Engagement will happen between the artist and the public at Project Space located at 600 Mission St. SE, Salem, OR 97302 Suite #200 and #210. 

Information on Project Space: 
"Project Space is a dynamic (June to September) contemporary art opportunity. Taking place at Liberty Plaza (285 Liberty St. NE, Suite 200 and 210) in downtown Salem, Project Space offers juried exhibits by regional artists, studio space, in addition to performances and other events that encourage community dialogue. Project Space is designed to bring out the experimental, the creative, the unexpected, the large, the small, the moveable and moving; embracing new avenues of expression.

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