Temporary (Visible Disability) Tattoo

Making the invisible visible using temporary tattoos. As the artist moves, the temporary tattoos start to wear off and once again her disability becomes invisible. Temporary (Visible Disability) Tattoo serves as a starting point to discuss invisible disabilities within society and how identity is constructed through a falsification prescribed by viewers. More than 90%* of people with disabilities have invisible disabilities, yet there is a large discrepancy and stigma prescribed on people from society because of lack of education and awareness on invisible disabilities. * US Census Bureau

Arianna Warner applied temporary tattoos with the "disabled" symbol all over her body where her disability affects her. Over the course of 2 weeks, Arianna performed her regular everyday experience with the addition of the tattoos. As she moved through space, her temporary tattoos began to wear just as the more she acted "normal", the more her disability became invisible. Throughout this performance, anyone who inquired about the tattoos to Warner, she would discuss what the project was and what invisible disabilities were. At the end of the interaction, Arianna would offer each person a secondary project tattoo with a new symbol for invisible disabilities. On the back of the tattoo there is a pledge, "By applying this temporary tattoo to my skin, I show my support to those with invisible disabilities and I pledge to talk to anyone about invisible disabilities who inquire about this tattoo." 

You can get your very own Invisible Disabilities tattoo below. The proceeds of these tattoo go towards making more projects similar to this succeed. 

Invisible Disability Tattoo
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